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Centrifugal feeder Hydraulics
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We deal with hydraulic cylinder design, because the cost advantage possibilities of this area.
Most of these are individual with different installation types.
We can do special hydraulic cylinder design by given stroke, bore, pressure and installation dimensions.
Extraordinary cost advantage even with one piece of cylinder!
With experience of dozens of cylinders
We give quotation under 24 hours, ask for quote!

Standard cylinder size range

Downloadable 3D hydraulic cylinder models

We are also deal with hydraulic aggregates. We have experience with hydraulic aggregates from a few Litres to 5000 Litres. We offer economical material use (therefore a significant material cost reduction) and optimal layout-mounted power supplies for our customers

Standard hydraulic aggregates size range

As special field of application we deal with hydraulic door and cover openings.
In the case of certain structures, especially if there is big mass and/or big size door structure, then the hydraulic operation is the most advantageous solution.
These are the pit covers, tank lids, hopper lids, which we have developed a successful solution:


This is the realistic alternative to folding, winching, telescopic and other tortuous door openings!