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Centrifugal feeder
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Centrifugal feeder CA-467A

High capacity packet good and part feeding device. Suitable for simple shaped pieces - which do not require elaborate planning - high-speed feeding. Typical feeding pieces such as the pin-shaped, shaft-like components, discs, washers, coins, caps, pet bottle caps, but it can be well fed cucumbers, crackers, etc.. Its usage can be a good option for increasing feeding capacity instead of vibrating feeders (for suitable pieces), even when several vibrating feeder can not reach the required dosage.
Technical parameters:
- electric supply: 50Hz AC 3 phase 430V
- electric power consumption: max 2kW
- air supply: min. 5 bar (0,5MPa)
- air quality: min. 5. class air by DIN ISO 8573-1
- average air consumption: 300 Nl/min
- feeding speed: 0,35m/s
- piece filling volume: max 6L  - can be supplied with bunker belt conveyor
- mass: 300kg
DC= diameter 625mm; DD= diameter 467mm; HC=1225mm; HD=1124mm; HT=820mm; A=750mm; B=600mm; C=217,5mm


Of course it can be tailored for desired dimensons. Specifications are subject to change without notice!