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CNC1 - 3D hobby cnc base machine

The following 3 axis base cnc machine had been designed with VariCAD:
- workspace XYZ: 500x500x300
- max 30kg table load
- max feed rate 80mm/s
- positioning accuracy +/-0.01
- repeat accuracy +/-0.02
- max tool diameter 10mm
- usable materials: plastics, light alloys, steel
- max electrical power consumption: ~4000W (3 phase, 400V, 50Hz)
- external dimensions WLH: 1500x1400x1800

The accuracy values must be checked after construction! There is possible to increase the accuracy with more precise parts (e.g. C3 class ballscrew instead of C7, etc), more precise machining than the prescribed on the drawings, but this is not sure to be economical in hobby category.
The style is directly were designed as welded steel structure and not aluprofile style light structure, because of more suitability to work with steel.
The size of the workspace makes the machine sutable for general works, equipped with printing head there will be chance to enter more serious possibilities!
Covering the X linear guides and ballscrew is a special job, it must be solved individually, because everybody has different "most suitable" parts..

The automtaization and electrical system must be perform as You like!

Few illustration from the design project:



The design documentation:

There is need to isntall a VariCAD 2018-1.03 viewer  or later to view the documentation after uncompressing it.
There is need to download and install
a VariCAD 2018-1.03 or later version to edit and modify the design. After a short registration - which is costless - there is downloadable a 30 day free of charge trial version.
You can find a calculation in the #design# directory, it was made with LibreOffice

The software tool above can be installed onto a free Ubuntu 16.04 system  (of course with VariCAD .deb Ubuntu install files) absolutely freely for the purpose of viewing or 30 day trial. The LibreOffice is the part of the Ubuntu 16.04 thus there is no need to install it afterwards. The installation of  Ubuntu 16.04 and VariCad software onto a general PC takes only an Hour or less.
The hardware needs are only a PC with 4GB RAM and 0,5GB 3D videocard.

If You have got question, You can ask in email:
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