TZM 11 Engineering Office Ltd.

Centrifugal feeder Hydraulics
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Few illustrations from our works:

Drying cabinet

Rolling mill for rubber industry

Spiral blade cold rolling mill                                                                                CA-467A centrifugal feeder

Aluprofile support frame, podium


Football grandstand, player bench

Track roller and pallet racks


Robotic arm attachment mechanism (gripper)


Modification of X­ray generator's water cooled HV vacuum rotating anode

CNC milling machine bed frame finite element analysis

Curved teeth palloid bevel gear 3D model making for CNC milling
(cyclo-palloid and Gleason also)

Pipeline pressure drop calculation

10" cable winding calculation

Pneumatic plan

Other pneumatic plan

Pneumatic test bench

Hydraulic plan

8 jaw pneumatic lathe chuck

Worm type cable drawer

6m wide 5 level feather classifier

The following equipment, in relation to areas we have gained direct experience in the planning and construction work:
- Conveyor belts
- Vibratory conveyors (mainly eccentric)
- Silos (tobacco industry)
- Conveyor sorting screeners, chutes
- Assembly presses in 0.5-1-2-40-10-12-20-40-50t sizes, even for press frame deformation is compensated pressing technology!
- Rubber industry press aggregates design from the 200L accross the 400-800-1200L to the 5000L volume
- Other bag packing press, feather drying press, mounting presses
- Palletizing equipment
- 2000L bucket design
- Production line transfer manipulator
- Car seat installer manipulator
- Large wall panel manipulator
- Valve spring assembly robot head
- Valve assembly robot head
- Valve springs and spring dish installer robot cell (fully automatic, both in feeding and operation)
- Glass sheet gripper robot head
- CNC plasma cutting machine
- Unique six-spindle drilling machine with pneu logic
- Wire bending machines
- Oil Hose pressure testing chamber
- Oil Hose Cutting Circular Saw
- Glass sheet cleaners, palette washing, rust cleaner brushing machine, automatic cleaning machines
- Port crane's hydraulic security brake
- Drum mill's brake
- Blow, extraction equipments
- Pressurised 30mx12mx4m hall Cleanroom design (for coated flat glass industry) both as steel structure as ventillation
- Glass sheet production line feeder table "FreeFall", the overall planning system (air-cushion, transportation, sheet scrolling head, etc.)
- Doors, staircases, spiral staircases, architectural steel structures, furniture, pallet shelf, cabinets, aluminium profile constructions
- Mobile gantry cranes running cat
- Sheets multi-bay automatic storage tower cabinet
- In-process multi-bay automatic storage-and-out tower cabinet
- Workshop cranes, crane frames
- HV, UHV vacuum chambers
- HV vacuum pipe network
- Mechanical design of Laser technology mirror systems
- Design of water cooling systems for Laser systems in research labs
- Mechanical vibration isolation design of buildings, respect to the ISO VC-D, VC-E or other special requirements
- Machine basement, environmental vibration isolation design of machines
- Vibration monitoring system design for buildings, structures
- Brandy distillation equipment ( with double vat and water "jacket")