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Centrifugal feeder Hydraulics
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Few illustrations from our works:

Guillotine shear hidraulics repairing

Guillotine shear hidraulics repairing


Boat drive remaking with propeller change and Kort ring addition, over and above combined battery cabinet swimming platform addition to the tat (all the design work is also TZM 11 product)

Pneumatic cable drum manipulator repairing, remaking with load capacity incresing (all the design work is also TZM 11 product)


Welded cross beams and other



Keyseat milling

Thread boring of chain wheel on work bench

Drive delivery



Pneumatic control making

Here are some from the many other works, just as listing:
- agricultural machines, three point hitch tractor adapters
- irrigation system construction, repair
- pump repair, seal replacement-refurbishment, impeller and housing repair
- machine installation and commissioning works (eg hydraulic connection, commissioning)
- repair and conversion of catering machinery (to be more productive)
- repair of food industry grinders
- gear replacements with remanufacturing
- repairing of pneumatic production machines and lines
- repairing of hydraulic production and agricultural machines