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Bluetech pneumatics, hydraulics and manipulators

As the supplier of the turkish Bluetech firm, I would like to recommend the following products into Your kind attention:



- couplings, fittings
- PUR pneumatic hoses
- pneumatic, mechanic and electromagnetic operated way valves
- air preparation units
- pneumatic cylinders, ISO VDMA 6431 profile tube cylinders until diameter 320 (!), ISO 6432 round cylinders, short stroke SSC cylinders and accessories



- pressure relief valves (cartdridge type, subplate type, and modular type)
- way valves (cartdridge type, subplate type, and modular type)
- hand operated (mobil) way valves
- flow control valves (cartdridge type, subplate type, and modular type)
- gear pumps
- vane pumps
- pump installation accessories as couplings, bellows, adapters, etc
- power unit accessories as filters, level indicators, tank flaps, etc

Bluetech hidraulika katalógus


The manipulators are individual made equipments, mainly with pure pneumatic control system.
TZM 11 with Bluetech undertake the making manipulators according Your needs.
In addition, we undertake the repairing and the modification of existing manipulators.

Bluetech manipulators

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